Rising Above

I love flying….when I get so high up I love to look down at the beauty of God’s creation. I think because it gives me a perspective change. I get to see the big picture not just a few feet in front of me. The view is inspiring and breathtaking sometimes. Beautiful mountain peaks painted with snow, vast sun glistening lakes, pure white fluffy clouds that seem to absorb all my cares as I marvel at their beauty. It reminds me of my relationship with God. As I draw closer to Him I realize the importance of fixing my eyes and thoughts on Him instead of all the troubles of this life. Instead of dwelling on hurt I dwell on the healer. Instead of dwelling on brokenness I dwell on the one who makes us whole. Instead of dwelling on disappointment I dwell on His promises. Instead of complaining and giving up my joy I rejoice! Instead of dwelling on anger, comparison, judgement, misunderstanding, offense- I dwell on what the truth of His word says. I dwell on the one who holds my future just as he formed the vast beauty of this earth.

I recently had to put this into action. God knows this is my weak point and so I think he allows certain circumstances to teach me to just trust Him. To cast my cares on Him. My husband and I were going on vacation and had a very quick connecting flight in Chicago, Illinois. As we boarded the first plane I told the flight attendant of our 37 minute window to connect to our next flight. I was hoping he could help alleviate my nerves by helping us to get off first once we landed. His look and response did NOT help my anxiety about the issue. What I got from his response was- “I doubt your going to make that and I don’t want to help you.” If we missed this connecting flight it would undoubtedly ruin our entire trip. I could feel the anger and disappointment rising inside of me. I was kind though and went and sat down. I felt the anxiety increasing and then realized I had a choice. I could sulk and worry the entire 4 hour flight or I could tell God my request, have faith and trust he would make a way.

Philippians 4:6 says: Do not fret or have anxiety about anything, but in every circumstance and in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, continue to make your wants known to God. I knew this and made a choice to put it into action. I could read the book I brought diving into depth of His word and focus on Him instead of worry. I could pray. I felt that I should not even look at my clock for the remainder of the flight also- so I didn’t until we landed. I read my book, slept, prayed, gazed out the window and I ENJOYED my flight. The flight attendant even came up to us as we were descending to tell us they were going to try to let us off first. However, not only did we arrive 10 minutes late we had a 5 minute run to our next gate! And they close the gates 10 minutes prior to departure! Our 37 minute window was closing fast.

Once we landed Amber checked her phone countless times- checking for updated gate location, departure time, and how many minutes we had left. She was like a sports announcer giving me updates on a football game. I felt like we were on the field of a game and she was giving me instructions for the next new winning play. I mean she had a full blown tactical mission mapped out for how to get to that gate on time. I was having flashbacks to my football and Marine Corps days. As soon as we got into the airport she just started booking it- like she caught a football and was going for the touchdown. I have a bad knee that takes a few minutes to warm up after I have been sitting for a while. Needles to say I was hobbling along as quick as I could behind her as she weaved, ran, and plowed through the Chicago airport. This woman was crazy!

I was never worried. I have been through enough to know that God would take care of us- he always has and always will. She is still learning that….slowly… (although there was nothing slow about that adventure!) So picture us- her running through the airport with me trailing…okay hobbling behind. I’m sure it was a humorous site. Mind you our entire marriage to this point has consisted of ME dragging HER around when walking places. Her asking, “why are you walking so fast?” and firmly requesting me to “slow down!” I was in unfamiliar territory in this airport. Where did my wife go?  

It was more of a fast walk. Would you believe we got there and they hadn’t even started boarding yet- in fact the flight ended up running an hour late! Good thing I didn’t spend the entire flight fretting. Good thing I didn’t get angry at the flight attendant. Too bad I ran through the airport! My husband goes through situations like these with ease. I don’t think he had an ounce of worry ever about the situation….(well other than that I would slam into someone running through the airport!) I am obviously not as good at letting go and just trusting God. My flesh really resists giving up the reigns in these situations- I am just so comfortable with always being in control. Knowing my weaknesses- I believe God gave me my husband (who is strong where I am weak) so I would have an example to help gently guide and teach me. Yes even when I drag him full speed through an extremely crowded airport- he just gives me a sweet smile when we sit down to WAIT to board our flight- because God did take care of it after all. I am so thankful for him- and that sweet “I told you so” smile that I have become all to familiar with in the last 9 years.

We have a choice to dwell on the negative things and what we see as disappointments in our life or to dwell on the goodness and faithfulness of God and his promises. To accomplish this we MUST study, meditate, and abide in His word. We must strive to be rooted in His word not our problems. We must be teachable. Keep your perspective on the Creator and you will find a greater amount of beauty in your every day life. As we abide in Him He lifts us up to another level where the cares of this world seem to drift away and in exchange ……we receive a breath taking view, and a life changing perspective.

“The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.”
Psalm 19:1


Submitted by: Cameron & Amber


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